What To Expect at Closing

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Here’s what you can expect during the closing process:

Before Closing Day

In the days leading up to closing day, your lender will send you a Closing Disclosure, which outlines what you need to pay at closing and summarizes your loan details.

You’ll also need to share various mortgage documents required by your lender. Having those documents prepared ahead of time can help speed up the process and keep you organized.

On Closing Day

Be sure to bring:

  • your government-issued ID;
  • a copy of your Closing Disclosure; and
  • proof of funds for your closing costs, or in some cases a money order addressed properly.

During the meeting, you’ll sign all the mortgage closing documents related to the home sale, including the mortgage note and home deed. These documents officially transfer ownership of the home to you.

Review Documents Carefully
With so many documents to sign, closing day can be a stressful time. Keep in mind that you should closely review all documents and take time to ask questions.


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