The Power of Discipline Book Summary by Daniel Walter

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The Power of Discipline Summary Improve Self-Discipline With Good Habits

Now that you understand the biological tendencies that inhibit self-discipline and how to overcome them, it’s time to focus on strengthening your ability to self-discipline. Walter argues that the best way to improve your ability to self-discipline is to get rid of bad habits and replace them with good ones that support discipline.

Habits are things that we do regularly without even thinking about them: for example, scrolling on social media every time we feel bored. When we allow ourselves to form habits that are contrary to our best interests, we lessen our chances of adopting positive habits and thus weaken our ability to self-discipline.

(Shortform note: While Walter argues that building good habits is one of the best ways to strengthen your self-discipline, Gary Keller explains that this might actually drain your ability to practice self-discipline (what he calls willpower). In The One Thing, Keller says that we have a limited supply of self-discipline. Doing things like building new habits uses up our discipline allotment quickly and…


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