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     I write the way to happiness in 3 pages.  Please read.

       God created vast universe, beautiful earth, and us human beings who have intelligence and can think. God also give us freedom to live our own lives. However, because of our selfishness, greed, lack of love, jealousy, hatred, prejudice, favoritism, we hurt each other, we are unable to have happiness or bring happiness to others. God love us and want us to have happiness. God know how we can have happiness. God, by coming down to live as a human like us in Jesus, show us the way to happiness which is we have to forget ourselves and ask God to give us love so we can love others around us. If we ask God for what we want, God often not give to us because what we want are selfish. But if we ask God for what God want like helping us forget ourselves and give us love so we can love others, God will give to us without delay. Not only show us the way to happiness, God also set an example for us. God, through Jesus, lived his life on earth forgetting self and loving others. Jesus traveled around to tell us the way to happiness. Jesus suffered and died being nailed to a cross to set an example of forgetting self, and to want us to come to God so God can give us love. If we forget ourselves, we are no longer slave to our selfishness, greed, jealousy, hatred, prejudice, favoritism and therefore no longer hurt others around us. If we love others, we bring joy to their lives and as a result we feel happy too. When we live our lives the way God want, not only do we have happiness in this life, but eternal happiness in the next life too.


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