Best Guest Speakers for College Students 2024

make him worship you

“Absolutely wonderful! Dr. Jemison gave a terrific speech. We were absolutely delighted to have Dr. Jemison at our commencement ceremony and could not have been more pleased with her talk.” – DePaul University

“The event was flawless. Dr. Jemison was great! Our guests, students, faculty and staff LOVED HER! We sold out all of the tickets.” – Rowan University

“It was excellent. Students, faculty, alums, and community members raved about the conversation… It was an unqualified success.” – Dickinson College

“Dr. Jemison was fantastic… We had standing room only for her talk.” – Boston College Colloquium on Women and Leadership

“It was a real highlight of the fall for us and incredible contribution to our ‘Imagining the Universe’ series. I know you’ve changed the lives of so many and I thank you for doing so again at Stanford.” – Stanford University


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